Saturday, March 5, 2016

"The Witch" Movie Review

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"The Witch" movie review

The recently released horror film, "The Witch," has been getting a lot of hype since its release back in mid-February. The psychological horror film, which is the directorial debut of film maker, Robert Eggers, brings a different take on the horror genre, showing that man’s fears can be far more terrifying than myths.  It basically showed that man’s fears and ideas implanted by religion, government, and tradition, can drive them to do insane things, some of which still happen to this day. The variety of occult symbolism, and the embodiment of female empowerment, definitely showed face in the film as well.   This would have definitely hit a chord for that time period, when woman were suffering oppression, and free thinkers were often killed for their beliefs. I almost felt that the witch itself was a manifestation, or symbol, for the bad happenings that would befall the family, and the lingering horror that still dwells to this day, where despair seems to run rampant. I felt that these were great points to bring up, and I felt the execution on it to some point was done pretty well. My main complaint about the film was that I felt it dragged at certain parts, and that points could have been made sooner.  I also felt that it needed more action, to cut the tension of the story, and keep the viewer enticed. I was waiting with anticipation for something to happen, yet I was left still waiting in the end, which was a bit disappointing. The few scenes of gore definitely hit a curb with me and helped break the tension a bit, but I felt like a little more of that might have helped the film out a bit to even out the dialogue and message. I'm not going to write off and say this was an awful film, because it was definitely the contrary, but I think someone who isn't much for extensive dialogue  might find the film a bit lack luster. I suggest checking it out, and giving it a chance, but if you're expecting horrific gore throughout, you will be disappointed

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