Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sept and Oct Issues Pt 2

In the spirit of Halloween here is the Oct issue!

   Oct Issue: Tales of Halloween

 I recently discovered this film not to long ago and was a bit skeptical of it at first. I've always been a big fan of Halloween based horror anthologies. Though the more recent films have been disappointing. Surprisingly "Tales of Halloween"  was actually a pretty enjoyable watch. Each of the stories varying from tales of demon children, to witches, aliens, serial killers, demons and a killer pumpkin?? With a different spin each time from the ten different directors that took part in the creation of this film. Different perspectives of the directors gave it an"Tales from the Crypt" or "Masters of Horror" type vibe. Mixing the stories up with more of a darker comedy vibe such as "Friday the 31st" and "This Means War" broke the tension from the more darker tales like " Trick" and the "Weak and the Wicked" and just gave the film a bit more variety. Now for me the classic anthologies will always be "Tales from the Dark side,", "Creepshow," and "Trick R Treat." "Tales of Halloween" stands its ground and adds another collection of creepy tales to the tradition of all hallows eve.

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