Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cryptic Inscriptions Details about the Zine and March 2011 Issue

I like to welcome everyone to the viewing of the first of many issues of "Cryptic Inscriptions".This is a webzine put together by my girlfriend Ashely Carter(Darkerside Girls Photography/Mantis Religosa) and myself Joe Soranaka(Panspermia/Mantis Religosa).The reason we decided to do this was to promote the bands that most people won't touch or bands that most people have no idea about.Were not doing this for profit whatsoever this is just a way for us being able to help out people in the underground music,art or film scene get their name out there.We will be doing CD reviews, interviews, movie reviews, articles and any other form of literary art. If you want us to do a review on your demo, LP, EP or 7 inch hit us up. As far as music goes we will review anything in the Grind, Punk, Noise, Dark Ambient, Horror Punk and Indie scenes.I'll also be posting some of the short stories I'll be writing in the future.Anyone that wants us to review their albums,movies and art pieces contact us @ the following email addresses:

Updates concerning Panspermia,our band Mantis Religosa and Darkerside Girls will be posted here and there.To end this off we would like to thank Masami(Panspermia) for the logo,and we like to thank all the bands that have helped us out with the first issue.

Here's the outline of the first issue enjoy:

March 2011 issue:

Interviews with:Humanity Falls,Boar,Gaels and Phyllomedusa

Reviews of:Custodian’s IV, Humanity Falls Ordaining the Apocalypse, Phyllomedusa’s We are Carnivores and Cannibals LP, and Cellgraft’s Deception Schematic 7 inch

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