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Interview with Wilson of Andromorphus Rexalia

Andromorphus Rexalia Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions-Thanks for doing this interview Wilson, for those that don’t know give us a brief history of Andromorphus Rexalia and what is the meaning and significance of the band name?

Wilson-Hey man, thank you for the interview, so Andromorphus Rexalia was created around 2006,as an AKP side proyect with Joseph on guitars,{Immortal Flesh,Disgruntled],and myself on drums {AKP,Copremesis,Purulent},then it became a serious band after we started creating songs an realizing that we could do something more brutal and chaotic than the bands we were playing in at that time and that's what we wanted,then Paulo of Copremesis joins the band on vocals and with this line-up we started playing shows and went into the studio to record our material which was released on CD by Goregiastic Records in 2010,with the name "Cosmic Collision Into The Fifth Dimension", then Paulo leaves the band due to schedule conflicts, and Javier of Carnal joins on bass and backing vocals and plays a few shows with us but leaves soon due to personal reasons, then Ralph of Immortal Flesh,Demilitia,Disembowel joins the band on vocals and with this line up we continue playing shows, then Ralph is forced to leave the band due to lack of seriousness with the band and Ammo AKP,guitarrist joins the band to do the vocals, then Paulo joins back and with this line-up we continue playing shows and recently we went into the studio to record a split CD with Animals Killing People which will come out hopefully very soon, we are still looking for the label to put it out, and so to this date that's our line-up; Andromorphus Rexalia means one form, reuniting to the one and it's the name of a star system so many light years away that it's not even in this planet's astronomer maps.

Joe-Even though Andro had problems in the past with obtaining members you’ve seemed to obtain a pretty killer lineup with the return of Paulo(Copremesis/Buckshot Facelift), and the addition of Ammo(Humanity Falls/Animals Killing People) both on vocals. Do you feel that each member of Andro brings something different to the table that makes the band even more intense?

Wilson-Yeah i feel that the line-up that we have right now is very stable and brutal, the return of paulo makes the band sounds more original and chaotic and i believe that's something we were aiming for, and the addition of ammo's vocals makes it even more brutal with the energy and low growls that he contributes to the music.

Joe-I like how your bands lyrical subject is a lot different than most bands in the death and grind scene. For example with Animals Killing People it’s all animal rights, and anti human based. While with Andro its Extraterrestrials and Conspiracy Theories. Do you feel that singing about things outside of Satanism and gore sets you guys apart and brings more attention to the band itself? Who writes the lyrics?

Wilson-I think it does attract more people to AKP and Andro,besides people are more interested in these things nowdays since humans are changing to a more conscious way of being and demanding more truth, i feel people are tired of the same story over and over again in metal, i see that bands automatically sing about one or the other without giving it much thought,i write the lyrics for AKP and for the most part in Andromorphus along with Joseph.

Joe-Do you believe that 2012 is really the end or a new beginning?

Wilson-Whatever i think about the truth of this is irrelevant, the signs are everywhere,the universe is an ever changing force of energies that sometimes collide on the same point in time and space that bring natural changes that the mind don't want to accept easily when going through a cosmic transition, if people don't see now that much it's really taking place in this world and in this part of the universe where the earth floats, as told by ancients ancestors that lived in the planet at some point in history of what humans believed to be the past which is actually an spiral cycle with no linear time, i see many things collapsing and leaving our reality,things that don't belong to the new cosmic neigborhood where the earth is entering into and many others are birthing and finally changing for the good of also if you want to say that it's an end and a begginning i think that's right..

Joe-Your full length “Cosmic Collisions into the Fifth Dimension” was a quite anticipated release in 2010, and it was worth it. I think it was actually one of the better releases to come out last year besides “Humanity Falls” “Ordaining the Apocalypse”. Do you feel like the release met up to your expectations, and what do you hope to achieve with your next release?

Wilson-Thanks for your words man,actually this cd came out from a recording that we had done perhaps 2 years ago,we had some problems getting the whole recording complete from the enginneer at the studio we went to, and the recording was kind of lost for some time, so when we finally got ahold of it we did as much as we could to save it and maintain a brutal and clear sound without losing the power of it, we owe that to Lance from Malignancy and Andres from Internal Suffering, so it doesn't really meet our expectations completely,it always could be better, but with all we had to go through to get it done, i feel we are happy with it, even though the real power of Andromorphus can be felt better in the recording we just did for the split with Animals Killing People which was produced by Colin of Gorguts.

Joe-Do you feel that you’re playing has gotten better with every release and with every band. From back in the day with “Purulent” and “Copremesis” and now with “Animals Killing People” and “Andromorphus Rexalia’? What do you feel was the most important thing you’ve learned as far as being in a band is concerned?

Wilson-Well yeah I feel more comfortable playing now since the music we make has gotten faster and more technical so that demands more of myself and what i can do and acomplish as a drummer, even though it's very frustating sometimes being in New York is very intense, life is too fast and there is almost no time to do everything you want to do or practice as much, could be's not easy to be in a band, and I've learnt that if you are in a band there has to be a very good connection with the other members, but if that's not there things don't work out the same and that gets reflected on the music.

Joe-Do you think the government uses the excuse of Extraterrestrials to cover up what’s really going on behind the scenes?

Wilson-Well there is so much going on behind the scenes, this is not nothing new for the ones who demand answers and the truth, and choose not to be part of the human cattle that they want us to be,the abundance of life elsewhere is a basic knowledge that every human on this planet should be aware of without any kind of secrecy or agenda that perpetuates lies that keeps a few in power over the rest of the people in the world, goverments and religions try to control all information regarding ET's and many other issues that if known could and would put them in a position where they wouldn't be seen as the ones ontop of the whole game and that would free humanity from a fake reality that is an illusion that they created and that's what scares them the most, when people realize and remember of the power that is carried within each of us and leave ignorance and savagery behind then humans would be welcomed back into the life that exist all over the universe and goverments and religions will be as unnecessary as viruses are to computers in order to work and run smoother, when people realize this, it won't be the people who would be afraid of them but they will be of us.

Joe-What is the song “Bacteria Parasite Through the Ion Tunnels” about? Personally I thought it was talking about germ warfare, but I might not be correct? What’s the song’s meaning correspond to?

Wilson-haha ..well the lyrics on this song were the only ones on the album written by joseph so he has the answer to this one.

Joseph:The lyrics for bacteria is pretty much what u said germ warfare ,infections,parasites ,man made illness ,cancer and all fuck up shit the consumed the human life.

Joe-Do you believe that our existence is actually surged from Extraterrestrials? That we were actually created by hybrid beings?

Wilson-I believe and have had experiences that lead me to feel that this planet is an experiment like a school where many races from many parts of the universe or different planets and planes of existence were put in order to learn what is like to experience a lower density of being, along with other races of beings that perceive different from you, where you have to work through many thousands of different experiences to remember where you come from and who you are, but also believe that some humans are part of hybrid alien and goverment programs that have been going on for longer than we know.

Joe-I know you guys have a split coming out sometime this year “Animals Killing People/ Andromorphus Rexalia”. Do you think this release and that songs on it are going to top the previous releases as far as both bands are concerned?

Wilson-I certainly do.

Joe-If you were to explain Andro in a live setting with only one word. What would it be?


Joe-Thanks for doing the interview Wilson! Any last words concerning Andro or any of your other bands?

Wilson-Thanks for the interview man,look out for our AKP/ANDRO split soon...and be ready for this reality to be completely transformed..!

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