Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andromorphus Rexalia "Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension" LP Review

Andromorphus Rexalia “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension LP”

I must say the debut full length of New York’s Andromorphus Rexalia for me was a much anticipated release. Originally it was suppose to come out in 2009, but due to issues mainly with the mixing and mastering and distribution it didn’t come out until 2010. The album which is entitled “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension” is the best description for the album itself. Right from the beginning the band annihilates the listener with its brand of extraterrestrial inspired death grind with extremely fast, but tight drumming and insanely technical but interesting guitar riffs. Wilson’s drumming gets better on every release that he does. Even though he was good on previous releases with his other bands Purluent, Copremesis and Animals Killing People, his drumming really shines out on this album. Complemented by the spastic insane guitar and bass riffs courtesy of Joseph (Animals Killing People/Disgruntled/Eclampsia) the musicianship on this album is extremely superb. To add to all this madness is the bizarre and unique vocal stylings of Paulo P (Copremesis/BuckshotFacelift) who laden’s the album with high pitched screams, booming gutturals, pig screams and otherworldly vocals. Separately all three of these guys are great musicians, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Opening up with One with Nothingness and followed by other great tracks such as Irrelevant Assumptions of Reality, Mundus Imaginalis, Mass Human Auto Extinction, Intangible Forms, and my personal favorite Bacteria Parasite Through the Ion Tunnels. It also has two live tracks Chemtrails and Hidden Parallel Universe, that feature Joseph and Wilson along with two previous members Ralph(Immoral Flesh) on vocals and Javier( Carnal) on bass/vocals. The bands lyrics are quite interesting as well as touching on topics such as extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories and all other things unknown. The album’s mixing and mastering isn’t bad, but sometimes I feel like the chaos of the music itself gets blended in and you can’t distinguish certain aspects. In my opinion this album is definitely worth checking out, if you get a chance see them live as well. The best way to describe it is a close chaotic encounter with the third kind.

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