Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black Air "Plague Ritual" One Sided LP Review

Black Air “Plague Ritual” One Sided LP

I stumbled upon this band on a blogspot, and was quite drawn to it by the musical description of harsh noise wall and the bizarre cover art of what appears to be a man with a bird mask.I found out that Black Air is the noise project of Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern, River bed Mausoleum,Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit). Black Air reminds me of a natural disaster annihilating all in its path leaving no survivors, or I can even say this is the musical depiction of millions dying at the hand of the bubonic plague. The soundscape doesn’t change much, which I usually can’t get into but for this band it seems to work. It almost puts you under a weird trance leading you to believe the world is coming to an end and humanity has no hope of survival. Its unapologetic approach to the decimation of what most people think music should be is pretty apparent. This release is not easy listening at all, and to some it might actually be a painful experience. I can’t say the same. I fell in love with this piece of noisy filth and all fans of noise should dig their teeth into this one. The bubonic plague is upon us once again….

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