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Interview with Goredick of SmallPox Aroma

Small Pox Aroma Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions:First off Ip I like to thank you for doing the interview. For anyone that doesn’t know give a brief history of Smallpox Aroma?

Goredick-Hey Joe thanks to you as well for conducting an interview with us!!! It's me Ip aka Goredick replying here! It all began in early 2006 in high school when me and one of my friends (Zox - ex-bassist) wanted to play some sick shit, L.S. knew about the formation of the band so he said he was keen to join and we were like "fuck yeah, come join us". Not very long after that we asked Septictanklavatory to join the band and he accepted the invitation. That's a brief one I guess. Ha-ha!

Joe-I love the name of the band which one of you guys came up with it? Was their another name prior to this or was this always the name?

Goredick-It was me. I was searching for a nice name for a grind band and smallpox just came to my head, I imagined that wounds from smallpox disease would smell fucking disgusting so I added "aroma" to it. This is a really good question, there was another name prior to this, which was "Gonorrhea", but when Smallpox Aroma came to my fucking head I just preferred that one.

Joe-I know you are in a ton of other bands. Is it hard to maintain being in all these bands, and most important is it hard to keep everyone sounding a bit different?

Goredick-Yes I am, well some of them are projects though. Well I'd say not that hard, but yes I admit that sometimes it's quite confusing about the conceptual and musical contexts because I want each one to be different in theme and the music itself for sure. But all in all, I am fucking happy doing all of these!!! Hehehe!!!

Joe-SxAx has almost a punk esque to some of the songs. Is punk definitely among the influences?

Goredick-It's cool to hear you can perceive this Goatbeard!!! We're also influenced by some punk and power violence bands including Rancid, Charles Bronson, Yacopsae, Krigshot, and those other D-beat stuff. They're fucking great!!!

Joe-I know you’re influenced and are in a few gorenoise projects. Do you prefer trading straight up music for just straight chaotic noise?

Goredick-Yes I am, and yes I'm in. Well I'd say, in extreme sound, I love both musical and noise contexts. I enjoy making and listening to both music and noise, the uniqueness of both is worth to dig!!! Accordingly I don't prefer one to another.

Joe-I’ve been noticing a lot of sick ass bands coming from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) is the scene in that area doing fairly well?

Goredick-The underground scene in Southeast Asia is awesome but as you know is not as big as the scenes in Europe and USA. Indonesian underground scene has a very strong scene consisting of many great bands. Jasad came to Thailand once, but I didn't have a chance to see it because I was in New Zealand studying (of course I wish I had, damn...). Nevertheless, I had a chance to see Lumpur in Malaysia (Indonesian brutal death), they were fucking awesome! A lot of bands from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines are fucking awesome as well. I love Human Mastication (Philippines), Phlegm Thrower (Philippines), Internal Torture (Philippines), Guillotined (Philippines), Analdicktion (Singapore, their full-length is to be released very soon by Scrotum Jus records and Severed records), Goreslut (Malaysia), Magnitizdat (Malaysia), and many many fucking more! Now let me introduce you some awesome Thai bands; Heretic Angels, Lacerate, Intricated (their full-length was just released by Sick Chainsaws productions and Severed records), Biopsycunt, Failure Trace, Granulocytic Blastoma, Masochist, Gory Vomit, Goreconsumed, Splattered Orgasm, there're some more but these are what I can think about now! Check 'em out!

Joe-When it comes to recording and writing what are the key initial factors in improving each opus you guys create?

Goredick-Improvisation, yes that's what our main writing context. Smallpox Aroma never did any pre-recording (de)composition. What you hear is what we newly improvise in recording sessions. An exception is the drums, admittedly we used drum programmings in our past recordings, but yeah, when I wrote the drumlines I just composed whilst writing. Well sometimes I had some brief lines in my mind before I wrote, but mostly as mentioned I just thought about the drumlines when I was writing. We're going to use real drums in our debut full-length from that one on.

Joe-If you could describe the band using only one word what would it be?


Joe-Who can you say has been really influential in your drumming? Also do you feel like every release you’ve done has topped the other?

Goredick-There're many that I respect and am influenced by, but whom I can think about now I'd say Brad Fincher, Marc Palmen, Jon Engman, Derek Roddy, and Organic Masturbator of 1000 Splatter Whores. Yes sometimes I prefer a release to other ones, but all in all I love every release Smallpox Aroma has excreted!

Joe-Do you feel like the days of tape trading and actually seeking out bands, and passing out flyers made the scene stronger opposed to the internet being used as a promotional tool?

Goredick-Personally I love DIY and the way the scene used to be. I'd say yes it made the scene stronger if you consider the feeling of authenticity and originality. So, is the Internet bad for underground scene? I'd say not that bad, as long as it makes it easy for us to know a lot of bands worldwide. Online communication makes it easier for musicians and labels to contact each other. Well, the Internet can bring total convenience, but at the same time it brings lack of authenticity as many people just download and don't hold the real copies. Those old school days were awesome, as it ensured that physical releases were obtained, but sometimes it's too slow to reach the music. So both have pro and con in themselves, then they're not opposed to each other.

Joe-What do we expect as far as Small Pox is concerned? Any last words for the readers?

Goredick-The split 7" with Human Mastication is supposed to be out some time ago but we've been having a problem with one of the co-labels, it's now in a negotiating process, but this must be fucking out!!!!!!!! We just finished mixing and mastering our side of the split CD with Intestinal Disgorge, a new song was posted on our Myspace and Facebook pages, this split is to be out soon through Darkroom productions and Root Active productions, and now we're searching for a label that'd be keen to release this split in 12". So those who're interested, get in touch, but NO RIP-OFFS PLEASE!!! Thanks to you Joe Goatbeard for the interview, and also thanks to all the grind and noisefreaks who read this and dig our shit!!! Check out and GRIND!!!

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