Monday, May 16, 2011

Insect Warfare "World Extermination" LP Review

Insect Warfare “World Extermination” LP

I have to say as far as grind bands were concerned in the 2000’s the band that really did it for me was Insect Warfare. Formed in 2004 in Houston Texas by Beau Beasley (Coffin Grinder/ The Homopolice) the band put out a demo, a decent amount of splits, a few EPs including a straight up noise release, but what honestly describes the band best is their only full length in 2007’s “World Extermination”. Just my opinion but I have to say with the exception of Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement to Obliteration” this album is by far one of the great grind albums of our time. The album itself is primitive, barbaric, and all in all a straight up grindcore release. With its sheer merciless attack on the listener from start to finish Insect Warfare isn’t taking any prisoners. Opening with the harsh noise intro followed by the opening song “Oxygen Corrosion” the band gives you just a taste of what’s to come. Followed by songs such as Self Termination, the punk laced, Enslaved by Machinery, Street Sweeper, Dead Inside, Mind Ripper, Hydraphobia, Protection Maze, Evolved into Obliteration and my personal favorite Human Trafficking( the guitar break in that song makes me want to go punch someone in the face). The musicality on the album is fucking amazing! Drummer Dobber Beverly tears it up with his machine gun blasts and punk d beat assault powered by the guitar riffs of Beasley( Beau also plays bass on the album which is a bit buried in the mix) which is complemented by the blood curdling screams and aggravated grunts of singer Rahi. The production on this album is far superior to the other bands releases and the songs on the album will put you in a chaotic frenzy. The only complaint I have is the bass being really buried in the mix and I think a few bass fills would have done nicely with this album, but all in all this release is definitely in my top 5 as far as great albums are concerned. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2008 reformed to do a tour in 2009 and broke up again afterwards. Quite a shame I know, they would have continued to make more killer albums as time went on. At least we can appreciate the fact they left our ears bleeding with their straight up harsh aggressive grind core assault! At least we have the albums to remember them by.

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