Monday, May 16, 2011

Copremesis "Muay Thai Ladyboys" LP Review

Copremesis Muay Thai Ladyboys LP

“Unoriginal death grind poop” the bands own tag to describe themselves. New York’s Copremesis has been going at it since 2001 and have done a good job at putting out sick release after sick release. I had the opportunity to play a show and see them twice on their tour with Pigsty. Live these guys fucking owned and to me were entertaining as hell. So after seeing them live I decided to check out their first full length entitled Muay Thai Ladyboys. The album’s title has some weird significance to a Muay Thai boxer named Nong Toom who fought his way to the top to get a sex change and become Parinya Charoenphol. The album opens with the title track and the opening guttural roar show that this album is not to be taken lightly. Paulo and Alex laden the release with fast, technical and actually interesting riffs complemented by Daniels drumming/bass playing makes for a solid musical foundation. Add the crazy vocals of Paulo and Alex together and you got yourself a sick intense release that you’ll continually listen to. At least that’s the way I reacted and still to this day react when I hear this album. This one is definitely in my top 20 as far as grind/death grind albums are concerned. The standout tracks are “Muay Thai Ladyboys” (the title track),”Bestial Castration”, “Push”, “Zombie”, “Mad”,” I am Envy”, “ Tsueto”, and a hidden Vomit Remnants cover I’m sure if you’re perceptive you caught on to that. There are various guest vocal spots courtesy of Danny Nelson(Malignancy),William Smith(Buckshot Facelift, ex Biolich) Erik Undzuis(Gorged Afterbirth, Seven Gates) and Daniel Olivencia(ex Biolich)to make things interesting. The only complaint I had was that the tracks all just run into each other which might confuse some people as to what song is which. The vocals could have been somewhat lowered, they seem a bit overpowering at some points. Other than that this album is definitely one to add to your record collection. Go check out the band live too and bring your glow sticks (if you’ve seen them live you know what I mean)! Trust me you’ll see true musicianship and be entertained at the same time! I can’t wait for the next release what’s taking so long fellas?! ;)

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