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Interview with Arif of Wormrot

Wormrot Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: First off as usual I like to thank you Arif for taking time to do this interview. For anyone that doesnít know give us a brief history of Wormrot, and give an update on your new album thatíll be out in May entitled ìDirgeî? Why did you guys decide on that title for the album?

Arif- Hey not a problem brother. Wormrot started back in 2007. I was in a goregrind band Flesh Disgorged and left the band in 2006. I started recruiting members, finding our sounds and all that shit and hit it off in 2007 playing grindcore, and we’ve been grinding ever since. The new album Dirge is available as a free download through Earache Records now. Hit this up for the tracks:

There are links to purchase/preorder the vinyl and whatnots in the link as well. Dirge basically means a slow mournful song for the dead, and the reason why we picked that title because it was cool. It's just a random choice, and it’s actually somewhat the total opposite definition when you listen to the tracks. I think.

Joe- In your opinion is it tougher to be a signed band? Seeing that the pressure is on you continually to tour and put out records that almost have to top the other? Or do you feel differently about it? Explain.

Arif-It's definitely a challenge for sure. We used to be DIY taking our sweet time doing our shit, but it's definitely a fast progress being on a label as things are well planned and much more focused on aiming towards our goals. We are on Earache about almost a year now and we are getting used to it. They are definitely doing a great job in promoting us/booking us tours and all that. Honestly without them, we would have a hard time spreading our music live throughout the world.

It's definitely not easy to create a record to top the previous or whatever. We do feel kinda worried at times, but yeah you can't please every single one. As long it sounded cool in our ears then it's all good.

Joe- You guys are what I like to call a legitimate grindcore band, which is a breath of fresh air from the entire shitty fag ass death core that seems to dominate the underground scene. Do you feel that the now-a-day’s band seem to over think technicality and flashy playing, instead of actually just sitting down and writing a good song?

Arif-Well personally I'm not a fan of deathcore. I mean we listen to every single genre out there. You can't go on grindcore 24/7. I don’t think these bands are taking over the underground scene that's for sure. The right people will support the right music that is all I have to say. They do their shit, we do ours. I despise comparison when it comes to genres. Nowadays bands I have to say are pretty awesome. You bound to bump into much heavier/faster bands every single day which is a great thing. Different bands different mindset on song writings. Same goes in terms of listeners. So I can’t say much regarding "over-writing" songs. Oh and fuck guitar solos ;)

Joe- What’s the main lyrical focus and inspiration for writing tunes as far as Wormrot is considered? Do you feel like you’re writing as a band has gotten better with every release?

Arif-Well the rest of the members don't really give a shit about what I wrote in the lyrics. It's all me. They just need to grind the fuck out. Wormrot albums are always about social issues, past bad and good experience in life. Not much of political words. I believe there are none. Better every release? I think the better phrase is more pissed off on every release. Inspirations keep on coming because me personally, there are haters out there to contribute on what I have to write. Also good times and bad times touring the world. Ideas will never end. As a band, we are very comfortable on how we work on making tracks. We enjoy brainstorming in the rehearsal studio. It's pretty much the same on how we work for every album.

Joe- I definitely hear a punk influence in some of the riffs and drum parts. Does punk play an initial role in inspiring you guys to write tunes? Are there other types of music that influence you guys as far as Wormrot is concerned?

Arif-Punk crust has definitely influenced us a lot. We love d-beat. All of us do. I mean we listen to bands like Skitsystem, Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Pazahora etc. These roots are essential when it comes to grindcore. I personally listen to rap, rnb, powerviolence and all that shit too. Tons of genres influenced us. But it boils down to definitely grind.

Joe- I know you guys covered “Rich” from the Yeah Yeah Yeahís on the album “Abuse” which I thought was pretty badass, but interesting. Why did you guys decide to cover this particular song and this particular indie band?

Arif-I have no idea why we picked this cover. It was Rasyid's idea. I'm just going with the flow and it turned out pretty cool. That's actually the first time I heard about Yeah Yeah Yeah., probably the last. Personally not my shit.

Joe- Compared to the US does Singapore have a better grind or just music scene in general? What are some more unknown bands from that area that you recommend checking out?

Arif-Singapore is a small ass island. There isn’t much scene going on here. Don't get me wrong there is a scene but it's always the same band on every single fucking shows. We do have bad ass bands over here like the mighty Demisor, Magnicide, Pazahora, Analdicktion, Asilent, Shaktii, Whore House Butchery, Flesh Disgorged, Cardiac Necropsy, Truth be Known, Nafrat, Rudra etc2. DO check them out sick!

Not much grind bands in terms of GRINDCORE over in Singapore maybe around 3 or 4? But there are gazillion of trendy deathcore kid's bullshit going on. So we're pretty much fucked, but entertaining.

Joe- Do you feel the machine age has taken away some life in the underground scene? What I mean by that is the lack of attendance of people at shows, people downloading albums, just the general attitude at shows now in this modern day in age?

Arif-Modern age rules, Internet fucking rules. It's definitely because of modern technology Wormrot is being heard and spread worldwide. If you have the advantage of getting things done fast then why the fuck not, but there are some stupid kids who tend to abuse the age if you know what I mean, I have no problem with people downloading albums. I download too. I will only buy records when I enjoy what I hear from the download. Either way the band is being heard or music is spread. Shows are still ok. Friends and strangers still down for support. At times, but we ever played a show just 3 people watching us. and that was our girlfriends. haha! When we toured places like the US/Europe/Uk even Malaysia and Indonesia, shows are fucking amazing. It's fucking extreme for sure. Not comparing but Singapore does have a few extreme show where the crowd go fucking bananas, but rarely.

Joe- I’ve heard some of the older material and it has somewhat of an almost gore grind sound to it mainly on the vocals. Do you guys ever plan on incorporating that back into the newer material or are you going to steer toward a different direction? Do you guys ever plan on getting a bassist again?

Arif-I think u heard BUTO and not Wormrot, Buto was just a fun project between 2 bands. Us and a band called Asilent over in Singapore. It's dead now. Just for the fun of it. All I can say is we won’t steer to another direction. We are comfortable with who we are right now sticking to our grind roots. We don't need a bassist. Three is already a crowd. We work better with minimal members. Sound doesn't concern us because we are happy with how we are back then and now. Also Rasyid is handling all the riffings and he is too fucking lazy to teach, and more room in the touring van. haha

Joe- Do you see Wormrot as an innovative band that’ll inspire other bands to keep the spirit of raw aggressive grindcore alive? What band or bands can you say inspired Wormrot to create its filthy aggressive grind assault?

Arif-I see Wormrot as Wormrot. I don't know if we would keep the spirit of grind alive but we do enjoy what we are creating. I've always love the raw intensity of the early days of grind and I would be happy if there are more new bands have the same direction of bringing the past back to life. I'll be definitely checking that out. In my opinion, a band like Demisor grind gods from Singapore totally inspired me personally on having its fast tunes, raw yet audible ferociousness. Simple muscianship,no bullshit just pure fucking grind-grooves.

Joe- If you could describe Wormrot in one word what would it be?


Joe- Wanted to thank you once again for doing the interview Arif. Anything else you want to add concerning Wormrot?

Airf-Not a problem! Thank you for the interview dood!

Dirge will be out in May in US and Europe through Earache Records. The free download is already available but do support grind! cheers!

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