Monday, May 16, 2011

Interview with Cellgraft

Cellgraft Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: I wanted to say thank you guys for doing this interview. Give a brief history of Cellgraft for anyone that doesn’t know who you guys are?
Matt: Haha, not really much to tell.

Zell: yeah we started it in late '08 out of the remnants of other bullshit musical projects. We've just been writing and recording as much as we can since then.

Joe: I know the name of the band is actually the name of an Insect Warfare song. Why did you guys choose this particular song name as the name of the band? Was their ever another name that was used before?
Matt: well they're a strong influence and we thought it sounded awesome.

Zell: yeah they're one of my favorite bands, they're a band that got more intense as they went on too. Something that I hope we can do as well. Before Cellgraft the band was called Piles Sufferers and had a different guitar player, but once he left and I joined we decided to write all new songs and go for just straight grindcore influence.

Joe: When it comes to actually writing music how do you guys go about it? Does one of you write all the music and show the rest of the band or do you guys just all collaborate?

Zell: Sometimes we write songs on the spot and sometimes we write songs on our own. We always collaborate on ideas before a finished song though just too fine tune it.

Joe: What are some of the subjects you guys touch on as far as lyrics are concerned? Who writes the lyrics?

Matt: I usually write all the lyrics, sometimes Chris will throw in some. The lyrics usually reflect my personal perception on religious and political subjects but I tend to stray toward everyday issues.

Joe: I checked out the 4 way tape release you guys did and I like the noise interlude after the first song. Do you ever see Cellgraft making a straight up harsh noise release?

Zell: I don't really want to do exclusively noise stuff for a whole release. It's really fun making harsh noise; I want to utilize it more in our recordings.

Joe: What do you rely on to retain that noisy guitar tone that is the essence of Cellgraft?

Zell: Basically distortion pedals and lots of amps. I also play out of bass equipment for live shows just so it sounds huge and gross. On 'External' I actually used three, the third for straight noise parts.

Joe: Do you guys plan to add a bass player in the future or do you just plan to rely on the wall of amps to fill in the gaps? Do you record bass on the albums or is it all guitars?

Zell: We tried out our friend on bass but teaching someone so many songs is a chore. On recordings I usually just record a "bass" track and EQ it to sound deeper.

Matt: yeah we'll just fill in the gaps with more amps, haha.

Joe: Most of your releases are 7 inch releases or tape releases. Do you guys plan on sticking to releasing just 7 inch EPs and tapes or do you guys plan on releasing a full length at some point on CD format?

Zell: we usually stick to tapes because they're cheap, fast and sound good. We do plan on putting out an LP on RSR as soon as we're done writing enough songs though; I think it might be on CD too.

Joe: If you could describe Cellgraft in a visual aspect what would it be? For example: Either a natural disaster taking out all in its path or an epidemic infecting and eradicating the face of mankind?

Matt: I can't really describe it, inner conflict maybe?

Zell: yeah all I think of when I try to visualize a grindcore song is the actual band playing.

Joe: Do you believe a lot more goes on behind closed doors as far as the government/establishment is concerned? Do you think our demise has been executed slowly but surely and we have no recollection because of the state of sloth were in?

Matt: I think too many people lay the blame when it's really up to us; we're the only ones that put restriction on ourselves. I'm passed the idea that there's a hidden agenda, it's mostly monetary now and we fear the opposite which is independence. Money is so engrained in our lives and we can't see past it.

Zell: C.R.E.A.M. Haha.

Joe: You guys have covered some pretty killer songs such as: Napalm Death’s "Scum", Discordance Axis "Integer" and Assuck's "Civilization Comes and Goes". Have you guys ever thought of covering a song from a completely different genre and grinding it up?

Matt: we've thought about it we've just never put in the time to do it

Zell: yeah I love the idea of turning something really weird into a grind song, I joked about doing a Devo cover but it never materialized.

Joe:So what’s up and coming for Cellgraft recordings, shows, tours, and merch wise? Anything you want to add or say to the readers?

Zell: we have a split coming out with Drainland from Dublin, and the full length we're writing right now.We're also screening more shirts and getting stickers and all that. If Matt can take time off we're doing another east coast tour, for a little longer this time hopefully. Thanks to everyone who's supported us in any way, and thanks for the interview.

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