Monday, May 16, 2011

Wormrot "Dirge" LP Review

Wormrot: Dirge

With the underground being tainted with shitty scene/grind bands and just shitty bands in general. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally hear a band that can straight up kick you in the teeth with straight up punk/grind attitude. Wormrot is one of those bands formed in Singapore back in 2007. The band would go through several lineup changes until finally settling on their current lineup singer Arif, guitarist Rayshid and drummer Fitri. The band signed to Earache Records and released their first full length entitled “Abuse”, which is a collection of unreleased material as well as some older stuff. Following this release was the split with IAbor and now the highly anticipated “Dirge”. The album starts off with the slow apocalyptic doom paced No One Gives A Shit, but that quickly ends. The band speeds it up towards the end of the song leaving you dead in your tracks. The band showcases a brand of old school grind mixed with groovy hardcore punk aggression heard in tracks such as No go Emo, Principle of Puppet War, Overpowered Violence, Erased Existence, Meteor to the Face and Deceased Occupation. This release brings back some life to what seems to be a dead grind scene or just a dead scene in general. The harsh distorted riffs of Rashiyd have an almost Assuck, Phobia, Insect Warfare and Napalm Death vibe to them, followed by the screams, growls and yells of Arif and the one thing that really draws my attention to the band is the drumming of Fitri. He kicks you in the face with his stampede of fast aggressive blast beats, and punky ass grooves and fills that make the music so mosh worthy. The band really does well on this album, but if you really want the real picture check them out live! Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

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