Monday, May 16, 2011

Atrium Carceri "Phrenitis" LP Review

Atrium Carceri “Phrenitis” LP

You can’t really go wrong with Ambient, but those who extensively listen to the genre know what to look for as far as good and bad is concerned. One of the bands that really caught my attention recently was Sweden’s Atrium Carceri. The band’s name which means “Prison’s Hall” was created by Simon Heath; who has previously released 5 other albums including this album on dark ambient/industrial label Cold Meat Industry. Now on “Phrenitis” the band paints a horrifying picture that is almost disturbing but also has a sense of emotion. Relying on the use of keyboards, sound effects, samples, haunting rhythms and other instrumentation Heath paints a picture of haunting vision of the end times; this is best heard in the tracks “Surfacing”, “Hypnosis”, and “Eraser”. This particular album could be best described as an audio interpretation of the movies “Silent Hill” and “28 Days Later” with an undertone that is haunting and apocalyptic, yet beautiful and exquisite at the same time. Phrenitis speaks to the listener in a way that a lot of ambient releases don’t. I guess the union of horror and emotion really do work at times. On this particular release I must say it does. I recommend checking out Atrium’s previous releases as you’ll definitely see the progression from album to album. I end this review of the album with my own interpretation “As the world crumbles to the ground, my soul remains infinite”.

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