Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond Sensory Experience "No Lights in our Eyes" LP Review

Beyond Sensory Experience “No Lights in our Eyes” LP

Depression, melancholy, and loneliness these are the distinct vibes that surge from Beyond Sensory Experience’s 2008 opus “No Light in our Eyes”. From their inception in 2001 the duo comprised of M.Drakh(Mz412) and K.Meitzer(scientist/artist) goes above and beyond on every release they create, managing to mix the emotions of the albums theme with the soundscapes they create; on “No Lights in our Eyes” the third album released off of Cold Meat Industry it’s no different. The album paints a perfect portrait of the inescapable and long sought questions of death and what goes through the mind of the dying. From the opening track “Funeral” to the closing track “The End has no Beginning” this is a masterpiece one must listen to from start to finish. The other tracks on the album “From One Dream to the Next”, “Long the Night”, “Standing Silent”, and the title track help build momentum and keep the listener in a trance. It also will make you sit and wonder about the theme that I drew from listening to the album. I feel that on this album Beyond Sensory Experience is almost putting out a statement that death is final and that nothing comes of it afterwards except being in a state of eternal darkness. The idea of a light at the end of the tunnel is very infantile and almost imaginary just keeping the human in a dreamlike state that they will never awaken from. That’s just my opinion though. The best way to draw your own conclusion is to pick up the release and take a listen yourself. Also check out their prior work and be on the lookout for their new album that’ll be coming out in 2011 trust me you won’t be disappointed. As far as dark ambient is concerned BSE is at the forefront of the genre making their message heard through dark and abysmal soundscapes.

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