Monday, June 20, 2011

Syphilic "Behind Bars" LP Review

Syphilic “Behind Bars” LP:

Brian Forgue who is noted for being the vocalist in underground bands such as: Gutrot, The Mutilated, Mulch, Saprogenic and many more. Spews out another sick release with his solo project Syphilic entitled “Behind Bars” (for anyone that doesn’t know the album itself was actually written while Brian was in jail hence the title). This offering has to be the sickest production and music wise as far as Syphilic is concerned. Not trying to bash Erotcic Shock Therapy or Symphony of Silt Throats, but Behind Bars far surpasses both of those releases. Not saying that their bad, but Syphilic has progressed and will keep progressing as time goes on. The alcohol induced death/grind madness opens up with “Wombhead” and right from the start you can tell this release is going to kick you in the teeth. Superb drum programming mixed with technical and sickening riffs topped with the disgusting guttural assault provided by Forgue this release already kicks you in the teeth before it ends. On Robalni the guitar bass trade off is done with excellence (on another note the bass tracks were recorded by Brian Baxter (Reguritation/Henious Killings/Gorgasm) this is followed by other great works such as the instrumental track Miscarriage Mouthful, the bestial abomination Canine Creampie, the vile Cannibalisdick and Vegetable at Best and a cover of Metallica’s Leper Messiah which is thrown in for good measure. As usual there are several guest vocal spots courtesy of Angel Oehoa (Cephaltripsy), Clay Lamanske(Cemetery Rapist) Captain Shitbeard (Sikfuk),Rob Solberg(Digested Flesh) and Conner Bond(Envenomation) which really showcase the embodiment of disgust and perversity on this release. I see Syphilic getting better and making more original sick death grind in the near future. He’s currently working on a new record that’ll be slated for release in 2011. The alcohol induced brutality continues!

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