Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Brian Forgue of Syphilic

Syphilic Interview:

Joe/Cryptic Inscriptions: Just want to thank you Brian for taking the time to do this interview. Give a brief history of Syphilic, the origin of the name,what makes Syphilic different from all the other bands you’ve been in, how’s the progress of the new album and what’s the title for the new album?

Brian:The new album is 'A Composition Of Murder". Syphilic started as a hobby when I was drunk and then one day I just decided to start recording stuff after I'd written about twenty songs just to listen to midi of them. Right now I have 49 songs and am putting out my 4th album. I write it all shitfaced and it's rarely in a 4/4 time signature, I think that's how it would be most different from other projects

Joe: Your latest full length “Behind Bars” was actually written while you were in jail. How did you manage to write all the material with no guitar or access to equipment? Did you feel that your musical ability was put to the test?

Brian:I don't consider it musical ability, rarely will I have a riff in my head before I write it. It's all patterns and mathematical numbers to me. This is how I was able to write out tab on lined paper without hearing it.

Joe: All of your recordings have gotten better with time, but your debut album “Erotic Shock Therapy” was still a killer release! What do you hope to achieve with the next release that your recording?

Brian:I don't know, mainly a better sound than the last, but that's a constant goal. Erotishock will be redone with real bass and better drums in the future.

Joe: You have superb production as far as your albums are concerned, and it really shines out on “Behind Bars”! What equipment set up do you use, do you record, produce, mix and master the albums all yourself, and what’s the best advice you can give as far as having a superb recording is concerned?

Brian:I record the whole thing myself and mix with Nick Morris at Cloud City studios. Behind bars was recorded with a direct box and reamped, and bass reamped. Vocals were on a shure SM-58. If you're gonna do something you have to do it right, or at least wrong to the extreme.

Joe : All the previous releases have synthesized bass on it, but the recent has actually bass tracks courtesy of Brian Baxter (Regurgitation/Heinous Killings).Did switching to a real bassist do more justice for the album in your opinion, and will Brian be on the next record or will he ever play live bass for you?

Brian:He was on the 2nd album as well. It was just another step in making it sound better as a whole, it did take a lot of extra work though. I doubt anyone will play live with me. Hell, I don't even like playing live with me.

Joe: I know you’ve been using a drum machine on all the recordings, was there ever a time you thought of getting a session drummer to play drums on your album?


Joe: You listed Classical music, Pink Floyd, and Dream Theater as influences on your band page. Has listening to different types of music inspired you to become a better musician?

Brian:Not really, I don't really consider myself a musician. I think it gives my writing a little something different than people that 'only' listen to 'brutal shit'

Joe: I know in the previous bands you were in i.e.: Gutrot, The Mutilated, Saprogenic you just did vocals. Do you prefer to just play instruments just for Syphilic or was there a time that you did play guitar or another instrument in another band?

Brian:Syphilic for live shows id rather just play guitar, but that can't be the case. With a full band I'd rather just do vocals cause, well, its more fun. I can get way drunk at shows that way.

Joe: Are all your lyrics based on concepts or personal experiences or are they just fictions incidences that you come up with in your head?


Joe: You have various guest vocalists on your albums even back to “Erotic Shock Therapy” are their plans for guest vocalists on the new CD?

Brian-Yes, there's I think 6 guests on this 4th album. They will be listed in the book, which I completed the layout today.
Joe: In the wake of all the crappy scene and slam bands, what do you believe makes Syphilic stand apart from all the crap that infiltrates the scene?

Brian-Slam usually sucks and has as much creativity as a piece of paper with no pencil. Sometimes it takes longevity to make a name for yourself, which isn't my goal, but I'm not going anywhere. You have to weed out the shit to get to the good. It's all preference anyway; I write my stuff for me so I like it, other people think it sucks.

Joe: When is the new album scheduled for release? Any last words to the readers?

Brian-June 28th. Pick up the book Killer: A Journal Of Murder. And a 5th album will come out soon. Thanks for the interview.

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