Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with The Eaters of the Dead

Eaters of the Dead Interview:

Joe- I want to thank you Trickie for taking the time to do this interview. Explain to the readers a little bit about Eaters of the Dead? Why did you choose this name?

Trickie-The Eaters of the Dead is a ambient/dark noise project I started a few years ago. Mostly it’s an excuse to allow me to create music on a variety of topics, since it’s just me, I don’t have to wait for practice or other people, I can trance out in my room and just create. The name comes from the Necronomicon, just happened to be flipping through it and saw the chapter on Eaters of the Dead and thought it was a great name for a project. It really was not until I heard the project Gnaw Their Tongues that I decided to pursue Eaters full time.

Joe- Does every album tell a story or do the range on a variety of topics?

Trickie-Sometimes the albums tell stories, sometimes not. The first couple albums were all based on ancient Egypt, but I have since broaden and now draw influence from everything from popular forms of entertainment to philosophy to time and space.

Joe- Do you like to categorize Eaters as a trance ambient band or do you see it as something else?

Trickie-I tend to see Eaters as a ambient/dark noise project. Though in some of the newer songs, I used actual instruments and the songs are more up-beat then in years past; Eaters really is whatever I need it to be, to whatever the muse is calling to me at the time.

Joe- Do you see Eaters as the natural disaster that wipes out civilization or the gruesome after math of the disaster itself?

Trickie-Eaters is everything and nothing. It is the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean. It can be the greatest creation or it can be the destroyer. No matter how much time I spend trying to perfect the sound to get it to sound exactly like I hear in my head, you or any other listener will add their own flare to it. That is what I like about the project, is that everyone will take away something different from it.

Joe- Do you use any synths or keyboard to create ambience or does it come from another source?

Trickie- I use a variety of synths, a keyboard, guitar, bass, samples, and various other things to make each song. I’ve even gone so far as to record some vocals and manipulate them so much so that you could not even tell they were human.

Joe- Are most of the releases net releases or do you actually have CDs or any other type of audio format that you’ve released in the past as far as Eaters is concerned. Do you feel that net releases give more of a chance to distribute the music to new listeners?

Trickie-Almost all of the Eaters release are free downloads. I feel with so many artist and bands out there, that giving away the releases are the best way to drive up some interest. I think more people are willing to take a chance on something if it’s a free download. Today’s culture is so fast paced that most people don’t have time to go look through a CD store to find new music. I will be doing one pressed CD and it will be the split with Gaels, which is the project of my best friend/TLM guitarist Fred. I will still be offering my side of the split for download but if you buy the CD, you get some extra tracks that you cannot get anywhere else.

Joe- When I listen to Eaters I have two different takes on it. When I listen to it I can almost see it as a funerary incantation of one being taken to his final resting place, or I can also take it as the journey of one’s soul to the next dimension. Is that they way you see it or do you have a totally different take on it?

Trickie- As I mentioned earlier, everyone draws something different from the music and that is the goal I wanted to accomplish. With each album having a different influence, there will never be just one sound, I see the sound continuing to evolve and change with each album.

Joe- On the “Faith Healer” album who is the man with the bird mask and the cloak? Does he pose some kind of symbolism for the album itself or is he just something you just choose out of your own interest?

Trickie-Its is actually a mask worn by plague doctors in Italy, the nose was supposed to hold a collection of spices to ward off the plague. I always found the plagues to be interesting and while doing some research, I came across the picture on the cover I believe it originally was a wood carving so I felt it fit well with the title of the album.

Joe- You also do vocals in a grind band called The Leviathans Mandible (to anyone who hasn’t heard them I recommend checking them out). I remember off some of the earlier releases like “Dead Verses” having noise/ambient interludes in between the actual songs. Did this have some impact on you going on to form Eaters or were you already doing Eaters when that album was created?

Trickie-Actually I was doing ambient interludes and such on TLM albums all the way back to the first one "Only a Ghost of a Smile". I never really had thought of branching off and doing something with just that until I heard Gnaw Their Tongues and decided I wanted to try something on the noise side of things. With TLM I have fred and jays input but with Eaters, it’s all me. I’m currently taking a break from Eaters, I don’t want the project to get stale and burn out on it so a break is what I think will help me find the muse again.

Joe- If someone were put under hypnosis under the music of Eaters of the Dead, and were told to dream what kind of dream do you think they would have? Would it be awful and gruesome or would it take them off to a dream state that they would not want to return from? I

Trickie-I really think that will depend on the person. Everyone is different so while some might have violent dreams, some might have pleasant ones. I actually would like to try that experiment to see the results, though I cannot help but think of the Nietzsche quote "And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Joe- Thanks for doing the interview Trickie anything else to add as far as Eaters or TLM is concerned?

Trickie-Thanks for the interview be sure to check out both projects.

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