Monday, June 20, 2011

Intestinal Disgorge "Depravity" LP Review

Intestinal Disgorge "Depravity" LP

Intestinal disgorge has been making peoples ears bleed since their formation in 1996. The band started out more on a noise/grind attack which for some might be quite annoying, but if you like noisy disgusting music( that most people hate) then Intestinal Disgorge is the band for you. The band changed it up in their mid period and started making more structured punk grind oriented material that still had a noisy side to it, but not so much as the early material. Here the band is still going with their latest release “Depravity”. This goes somewhat back to their glory days of noisy ridden chaos, but it’s nothing like “Whore Splattered Walls” or “A Cockwork Whore Binge”. The album opens with Slurping Rancid Pus from her Festering Wounds and from the get go you pretty much see this is a filth laden release for the sick and depraved. A lot of the songs are very short in length and hit you in the face faster than you know it. All the music/noise on the album courtesy of Ryan is pretty well done from his drumming, guitar and bass playing and the noise excerpts. Don’t let the fact that I said noisy give you the impression that their shitty cause they surely aren’t that. The vocals done collectively by Ryan, Jacob and Pissy are a combination of growls, screams, pitch shifted gutturals and we can’t forget the notorious bitch screams courtesy of Pissy definitely bring forth the term utter chaos when it comes to describing the band. Now for the few people I’ve played IxDx for they don’t take a liking to the bitch screams, but I think they make the band unique separating them from the usual porno/gore grind bands with the addition of samples mainly porn related, this release is not for the uptight PC motherfucker. Only the sick and deprived will understand this piece of filth.

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