Monday, June 20, 2011

The Eaters of the Dead "Dead They Shall Remain" LP Review

The Eaters of the Dead "Dead They Shall Remain" LP

The night is dark and a shrill cry is heard from a victim whose been awaiting certain death in the dungeon of the Pharaoh. The actual depiction of execution, death and the journey that follows is what I got after listening to The Eaters of the Dead LP Dead They Shall Remain. These audio depictions of death and what happens afterwards are all conceived by different sounds and instruments courtesy of Travis Simmons (The Leviathans Mandible). From “The Pharaoh’s Wrath” which to me depicts a soundscape of a prisoner being executed by order of the Pharaoh, on “Tombs” it resembles a march of the body being taken to its final resting place. While on “Bathe Me in Flames” depicts the soul being immersed in a fiery pit of hell, “ Kingdom Come” and “No Tears Fall” resemble the soul yearning for a paradise which he will never have. The last track (the title track) really solidifies that death is for some the end of all things pleasurable and satisfying. There are more tracks on this release that are good, but these tracks really caught my attention. This is an experimental noise/dark ambient release so it might not be for some; I do recommend giving this one a listen. The souls of the departed are seeking refuge from damnation if there is even salvation after death?

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