Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jesus Crost "010" LP Review

Jesus Crost 010

I remember hearing about Jesus Crost when they played Maryland Death Fest back in 2010 and from the moment I heard the band I feel in love with it. Jesus Crost is fast, aggressive and has a no bullshit approach to grind that has room for only drums, guitars and vocals. Sorry, no bass. From their inception in 1996, Jesus Crost, which is the duo of 013 and 010 has always had a minimalist raw primitive approach to their music from their early days as a punk band to their more grind/powerviolence which they’ve incorporated on their recent LP 010. The 23 tracks on this album from beginning to end punches you in the face and continues to beat you into the ground with its fast stop and go riffs, blast beats, d-beats and a vocal style which is a harsh yell followed by pitch shifted growls which definitely adds to the albums aggression. All the songs titles and lyrics are in German, so unless you know German good luck deciphering the titles. From the recent interview I did with them they said they sing about football and energy drinks amongst other things? Lyrical content aside these guys know what’s up when it comes to grindcore and I can’t wait to hear more releases from these grind maniacs.

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