Saturday, October 15, 2011

Les Sentiers Conflictus vs Andrew King "1888" Collaboration Review

Les Sentiers Conflictuels and Andrew King 1888

I found out about this release on a blogspot, and when I read that it was a concept album based on the letters of Jack the Ripper I was drawn in. The album, which is the collaboration between France’s Les Sentiers Conflictuels and England’s Andrew King, takes the listener back to when it all happened. The haunting soundscapes courtesy of Les Sentiers Conflictus consist of eerie voices, the sounds of people walking the streets, horses galloping and music playing on the streets. Andrew King who does the vocals on this creates the very un-nerving persona of Jack the Ripper himself with every haunting letter that’s being read on this album. In my opinion the movie “From Hell” was the best visual depiction of this time period and this album is undoubtedly the best audio depiction of this time period. Along with marvelous artwork courtesy of Skyhigh this is definitely one for hardcore fans of dark ambient. In my opinion this is one of the best dark ambient/spoken word pieces I’ve heard this year.

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