Saturday, October 15, 2011

Igorrr "Nostril" LP Review

Igorrr Nostril LP

The third release by France’s Igorrr has once again proved to be a twisted deranged journey into the mind of creator and madman behind the project (Gautier Serre). On Nostril their seems to be more of a mix of death metal influence along with the usual baroque and electronic music that lacked on his second release Moisissure. Long story short even though Moisissure was weird and eccentric Gautier has somehow managed to top that album with this new opus of depraved and insane material, from the opening track “Double Monk” with its weird tripped out ambience to “Tendon” with its trip hop undertones mixed with its intense breakcore/death metal breaks, to “Excessive Funeral” which has an almost cartoon vibe to it, while “Caros” and “Pavor Nocturnus” mixed elements of classical and trip hop. This album has so many twists and turns there’s no way in hell that you’ll be bored listening to this. Along with bizarre artwork as usual this is definitely one to add to your record collection. Long live the depraved and bizarre!

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