Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recreant/Dawn Split LP

Recreant 7 inch LP

Tampa’s Recreant( features former members of noted local punk bands Unholy War, Bum Charge and The Filthy Nomads among others.) is the perfect example of not abandoning your musical roots, but taking it in another twisted crazy direction. The album Musical Core is laden with guitars, bass, drums, vocals and the most out of place instrument a violin? Yet these guys make it work and do a damn good job at it. The bands lyrical themes dabble in the typical social political themes, but the band’s musical influence branches off from crust punk, to old school screamo, to black metal and some elements of classical music. Which makes the release an interesting ride for anyone who wants to listen, this release might be too experimental for some, but for anyone with an open mind I definitely recommend picking this up.

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