Thursday, December 22, 2011

Animals Killing People/Andromorphus Rexalia Split Review

Animals Killing People/ Andromorphus Rexalia split

The United States hasn’t really impressed me to much as far as underground bands are concerned, but I do have to say that New York does harbor a few decent bands. The bands that really grabbed my attention are: Copremesis, Humanity Falls and the two bands whose split I’m reviewing Animals Killing People and Andromorphus Rexalia. Now to start things off I’ve been a fan of both bands for a while, and when I heard they were both going to be on the same record I was pretty damn excited to hear it. Animals Killing People who formed in 2004 and released two prior records “Human Hunting Season” and Kentucky Fried Killing” start the split off. The band dismantles the listener with grinding fast blast beats, intensely fast and heavy guitar riffs, bone crushing bass fills, and a sleuth of guttural grunts courtesy of Estone Browne with occasional backup grunts by Ammo Diaz. The band opens with two new tunes “Mad Monkey Surgery” and “Repulsive Ecstasy through Atrocious Carnivorous Tendecies”, with the addition of an old tune “Human Hunting Season” and a cover of Massacres “Tiempos De Guerra”. The band definitely lives up the reputation of the name; when I listen to them I can imagine a bunch of humans being mercilessly slaughtered by the beasts that they mistreat. Now Andromorphus Rexalia who formed in 2007 and recently released their anticipated debut “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension” decimates, but awakens the listener to the truth that is in front of us, but ultimately ignored. Andro’s side has four new original pieces entitled “Cosmic Collision into the Fifth Dimension”, “Hidden Parallel Universe”, “Chemtrails” and “Chaosm”. Musically Andro describes their music as Cosmic Grinding Brutality which is ultimately the best description of the band as a whole. Their songs are laden with pulsating inhuman blast beats, technically fast electromagnetic string collisions, and an insanely demented vocal assault courtesy of Paulo P and Ammo Diaz. Paulo’s vocals range from high pitched screams, crazy guttural grunts and pig squeals complemented by Ammo’s guttural assault and cricket sounding inhales. I have to say Paulo and Ammo have some of the sickest vocals in the New York scene and to have both guys in the same band just adds to the sickness! The lyrical subjects of both bands are original as hell separating them from the usual gore or satanic garbage that seems to laden most underground bands lyrical content. AKP touches on the subjects of animal rights and animal liberation while Andro’s lyrics touch on the subjects of conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials. Another fun fact is that both bands sound completely different, but harbor the same members. Wilson plays drums in both bands, Joseph plays guitar and bass for Andro, but only plays bass in AKP, while Ammo does guitar/vocals in AKP but only does vocals in Andro. Now the recording which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Colin Masterson (Behold the Arctopus/Gorguts) definitely surpasses both bands previous releases. The only complaint I had was that some of the vocals on AKP’s side of the split seem a bit low and buried in the mix, but maybe it’s just me? Now to end things off I have to say both bands have surpassed their abilities and have made one killer recording that I recommend checking out! Maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel as far as the underground music scene is concerned?

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