Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gored "Human" LP Review

Gored Human LP

The saying that less is better sometimes works out the best, and it definitely worked for Gored on their 2008 full length release Human. The band, which is comprised of drummer/vocalist Andreas Schwartz and bassist/vocalist Johannes Blatt, takes the bare bones approach to gore grind and added an experimental weird vibe to it creating the ultimate masterpiece. The band centers lyrically on the human body and its functions which differs from the usual gore and violence lyrical approach that most gore grind bands center on. The band opens with the song “Symptoms” which is a total marriage of fast and extreme riffing and drumming, sludgy doom laden parts and punk esque d-beat sections then followed by the tracks “Dysfunctions” and “The Healing” which are similar in style. The opening bass line of “Infectious Disease” is infectious in its own right. If you have patience and wait you’ll see that the band ends the album off with an ambient interlude that leaves a chilling end to a great gore grind album. The vocals on the album are fucking sick, but sound similar so it’s hard to distinguish that there are two vocalists on this album. I recommend this album for fans of Disgorged Foetus, Last Days of Humanity and early Carcass fans. A new album is in the works for a 2012 release, I can’t fucking wait!

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