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Interview with Wilson of Animals Killing People

Animals Killing People Interview:

Ashley/Cryptic Inscriptions: Wilson I like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Give a brief history of AKP why did you choose the name and the theme of Animals Rights for the band?

Wilson/AKP:Thank you Ashley for the interview, I appreciate it. So the band started around 2004 as a two piece band, it was Manuel Quique on guitars and me on the bass we didn't have a drummer but Edwin Qiuiza had just left Internal Suffering so he decided to join us on the drums.So this way we started composing our first songs, shortly we realized that Edwin wasn't a good fit for what Manuel and I wanted to create with AKP so we decided he had to leave the band, so I started playing the drums while I would keep up with learning the bass lines for the songs. We didn't have a vocalist at the time but when we were done with our first songs we decided that we needed to record them. Alex from Copremesis decided to join for the recording, so we went into the studio and we recorded "HUMAN HUNTING SEASON" our first EP which did very good in the worldwide scene, there was a problem with Alex so we didn't use his vocals and Andres Usma from Pustulated recorded for the EP which came out under Goregiastic Records and was pressed twice by the label, the new one included a new track, after this we stayed as a two piece band and started working on new material and 3 years later we went into the studio again this time at Full Force Studio [Suffocation, Obituary, Criminal Element}, to record our first full length "KENTUCKY FRIED KILLING", this time Justin Boehm from the Canadian band Orchidectomy joined us to do the vocals for the CD, this one came out on Sevared Records around 2008,right after the CD comes out, Eston Browne joins the band on vocals and Joseph Luciano joins on bass, and we started playing shows all over, in many cities around the states, and went on tour in Colombia and Canada after this Manuel leaves the band and Ammo joins to play the guitars, we kept playing shows and after a while things didn't work out with Eston so he leaves the band, and Joe Soranaka joins on vocals to this way complete a solid line-up for AKP. The name just came up in a conversation with Manuel and I as a joke and then we decided that's it's perfect for what we believed in, animal rights is not something many Death Metal bands care about so we decided we needed to do it and that's how started.

Ashley: When did your fascination with animals first begin?

Wilson:Very early in my childhood I already had a big connection with animals and always wanted to save any animals I would see in pain or homeless and always knew they were very powerful beings who most of them were stuck in human's reality to this way suffer unnecessary deaths or diseases.

Ashley: Who handles the musical composition of the band? Do all the members have a part in it? Also who writes the lyrics and what do you hope to accomplish with them?

Wilson:Most of the musical composition is been done by Manuel and me so far, but recently with the addition of Ammo to the guitars, he's been adding to the composition of the new stuff we are working on.

Ashley: What’s your opinion on people being anti animal rights? Why do you think people continue to consume animals after all the info that’s been brought out about the atrocities that occur?

Wilson:Well what can I say about people being anti animals rights..? lol..It's very easy to be ignorant, but evolution could take some time to happen for some, people keep eating animals even though they know that is not good for them. The animals and the planet people just don't care about it and prefer to satisfy their disgusting cravings of eating animals. I'm sure everyone would give you a different reason of why they think they need to eat animals, but no matter what it’s usually a very vague and stupid answer, but it's mostly ignorance, people just follow what others do or have been doing for a long time, but fortunately I see things changing more and more every day, and more people are becoming vegan or vegetarian.

Ashley: Is it easier to be pro-animal rights in America or Colombia?

Wilson:I would say it's the same, there are many groups working to help animals in both countries, but I see more people becoming vegetarian in the U.S. probably because the quality of the animal industry in this country is worse than in South America where everything is in a more natural environment, but in the U.S there are way too many companies taking advantage of the animals and abusing their lives.

Ashley: How is the music scene different in Colombia? Was the reception with AKP better there than in the US?

Wilson:Yes, the metal scene is way better down there now than before I think, people go to shows and support the bands way more, plus the shows are always bigger than here and the bands are always getting better and better, even though the quality of bands are usually better here in the U.S.

Ashley: I know you recently parted ways with vocalist Eston Browne, after him being in the band for 3 years? Before him it seems you guys had a hard time finding a permanent vocalist? Why was that, and also what does the new vocalist Joe Soranaka(Panspermia) bring to the table that’s new?

Wilson:Before we found Eston we tried a few people and we never liked what they did. It wasn't what we wanted with AKP, we wanted to sound very similar to the music we had recorded on the cd's and nobody could really do what Andres Usma had done in the recording so we found Eston and he had something good to contribute to the band, now with Joe it seems like we click very well and his vocals are very deep and brutal, it's a very good addition to AKP, also his stage performance is very energetic and powerful and we like that.

Ashley: You’ve come a long way since the early days with Purulent and Copremesis. What’s been the biggest achievement as far as AKP is concerned?

Wilson:Well touring Canada and Colombia were very good achievements for AKP, also our full length put us in a very good spot in the worldwide metal scene.

Ashley: Who has been your biggest influence as far as drumming is concerned?

Wilson:I have many favorite drummers but I would say I was very influenced by Pete Sandoval and Gene Hoglan in the early days and more recently by Chad Walls from Brodequin / Pustulated and Terry Bozzio, and many more but overall even though these drummers influence me, I like to be original and try to play just what I feel without copying anybody.

Ashley: You have a split coming out between AKP and your other band Andromorphus Rexalia. Give some info about that, and also when do we expect another full length?

Wilson:The split is recorded and ready to be pressed, we are just waiting on the layout, it will probably be out in January 2012 or around then, it has 4 songs per band, 2 AKP songs are new, one is re-recorded from the EP plus a cover, and for Andromorphus they are all new and first time recorded in studio, the recording took place at the Thousand Caves with Engineer Colin Marston(Gorguts/Dysrhitmia) for now we have no plans for another full length for some time but we started working on new material already so we'll see what the future brings.

Ashley: You have some very interesting sound clips on both the Human Hunting Season and Kentucky Fried Killing CDs. Where do you get the sound clips from?

Wilson:Oh wow!! I forget but mostly horror movies that include animals doing some good harm to human’s hehe..!!

Ashley: Thank you once again for doing the interview Wilson anything else for the readers as far as releases, tours/shows etc?

Wilson:Thank you so much for the interview Ashley! Expect our split to be very powerful and to be some of the sickest compositions from both bands! Also look for the DVD compilation that SEVARED RECS, just released where we are featured from our last show at the Sevared Records Fest in Rochester, NY with our new vocalist Joe as well, here is the link to it:

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