Thursday, December 22, 2011

Motion Sickness of Time Travel "They Came Up From the Sound and Up From the Hills"LP

Motion Sickness of Time Travel- They Came up From the Sound and Up from the Hills LP

Psychedelic ambient band Motion Sickness of Time Travel takes you on a sonic journey saturated with esoteric trance esque beats and elegant soundscapes that takes the listener to a whole other realm. The band which is the solo project of Rachel Evans of Quiet Evenings captivates the listener with its ghostly whispers and minimalist drone approaches to the ambient genre. The album itself touches on the very soul searching that can be found in nature and away from society. When I listened to the album I got the vision of a man or woman wandering the forest in search of his/her very self in attempt to correct what was wrong. If your patient you can check out the secret collaboration track with Mitch Turner as well. Unlock the voices hidden within the subconscious.

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