Monday, February 27, 2012

Barn Owl "From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light"

Barn Owl “From our Mouths a Perpetual Light” LP

I took a complete detour as far as listening to music was concerned last year. I really took a liking to a lot of ritual ambient and drone esque releases. One release that really grabbed my attention was a release by San Francisco drone/psychedelic duo Barn Owl. “From our Mouths a Perpetual Light” is a spiritual shamanic journey into the human soul with various soundscapes laden with keyboards, effects, guitars and very minimal percussion. Barn Owl opens the listener to a whole other dimension that is intangible and can only be seen with the mind’s eye. The crisp production and the tone of the instruments all mesh well together and create a musical masterpiece that’ll continue to live even after we have ceased to exist. The artwork appears to be in the vein of a Native American deity of some type. While the themes really seem to tap into Native American shamanism and ritualistic spiritual healing that’ll give you a relaxed calm feeling when you are listening. Music is the gateway to the soul and this release really emphasizes that statement.

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