Monday, February 27, 2012

Custodian "Faults in the Structure"Cassette Release

Custodian “Faults in the Structure” Cassette release

I recently acquired this release from Jon Engman himself. Custodian never ceases to impress me. In the harsh noise genre Engman really seems to outdo himself, just as he’s done in the past with his various grindcore, black metal and death metal bands. The release seems to be angrier, harsher and more distant from humanity or the simple notion of human contact in general. This time Engman emphasizes a lot of stop and go formula into this release. Giving it variation which seems to lack in a lot of harsh noise acts; every time I listen to Custodian I feel like distancing myself from the world and separating myself from trend or the everyday common things that’ll entertain any normal human being; if you aren’t open minded and can’t see past the generic structure of what music is suppose to be this release isn’t for you. Crust the ignorant with noise!!!!

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