Sunday, June 17, 2012

Defeated Sanity "Chapters of Repugnance" LP Review

Defeated Sanity “Chapters of Repugnance” LP

I’m not really the biggest fan of technical death metal but there are a few bands that can do it right. Defeated Sanity is one of those bands. The band was formed back in 1994 by drummer Lille Gruber and his late father Wolfgang Teske(guitars) as a side project which later would evolve into a full time project. After making two full length albums and a series of splits and EPs, they would step into the studio to record “Chapters of Repugnance” which was released in 2010 and even though their previous records are definitely great records this one surpasses all of them in my opinion. The band are not only good musicians, but no one in the band overshadows the other even though there are standout moments on the guitar, bass and drums. They all somehow bring it back together and continue to decimate the listener with every track. Beginning with the intro track “Introitus” and building up to “Consumed by Repugnance” the band plays a technical style of death metal that also has groove to it making the music complex but not boring at all. The vocal assault by AJ Magna is impressive by far with an intense guttural growl that he seems to effortlessly spew forth. The violin pieces by Locko Richter on “Coerced into Idolatry” and “Blissfully Exsanguitated” add ambience and depth to this album. This is definitely an album I can listen to from start to finish and want more after all is said and done. Stand out tracks for me were “Consumed by Repugnance”, “Carnal Deliverance” and “Salacious Affinity” to name a few. I can’t wait until these guys make another record

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