Sunday, June 17, 2012

Enigma "The Cross of Changes" LP Review

Enigma “The Cross of Changes”

  I heard a lot about Enigma when I was growing up, but never actually took the time to listen to it until my buddy Ammo Diaz (Animals Killing People/ex Panspermia) told me to check it out. I researched the band a bit and found out it was a project that was conceived by Michael Cretu while he was working in Germany. Enigma has been named the premier new age/world/ ambient project of the 90s and even though the band has had international success a lot really isn’t known about the actual group, with the exception of Cretu and various guest musicians composing the albums. There have been no documented live performances and the videos for the band are mainly just footage put together that never includes any of the band members. The album “Cross of Change” along with the band’s debut “MCMXC” are in my opinion the two best albums the band did in their entire career. Enigma blends a mix of electronic and ambient along with world music creating a composition that expresses a sense of searching and spirituality. This album definitely works if you’re into meditation or if you just need to relax after a stressful day. The opening track “Second Chapter” puts you in somewhat of a lucid trance, “Eyes of Truth” and “Return to Innocence” were the standout tracks for me demonstrating a mix of rock, world music and Enigma’s famous use of ethnic chants. “I Love You, I’ll Kill You”, “Dream of the Dolphin” and “Silent Warrior” is some other good tracks off the album that mix in these elements as well. This album to me represents the change that was brought in by religious influence and the idea of positive influence that turned negative in the end. The album which was recorded 19 years ago is still a masterpiece and definitely a favorite of mine in the ambient/world/new age genre

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