Monday, August 27, 2012

Dystopia "Human = Garbage" EP Review

Dystopia “Human=Garbage’ EP

This album basically sums up my opinion of the human race… but that’s another story. This album by the defunct sludge crust band Dystopia definitely left a mark on the crust and sludge/doom scenes. Dystopia isn’t exactly a fast band but they are an intense angry band. They almost give you that feeling of built up aggression and anger ready to be unleashed upon whoever crosses your path. The band is a three piece of drums, guitar and bass that all do vocals respectively. The title track starts off with clean slow bass that builds up with a vocal rant that imposes hatred on society and the stress modern day life imposes on us followed by flanger soaked guitars and intense drums and shrieks complemented with growls. This song definitely starts the album off on a good start. “Hands that mold” starts off with a nasty sludgy bass line that is followed by droning but intense drums with a sickening vocal trade off that shows putrid screams and decimating growls. The transitions of the song are nice too with clean breaks that follow up with heavy and intense grindy sections. The lyrical message of the band definitely drew me to them as well. “Sanctity” touches on suicide, “Ignorance and Pride” touches on gang violence and class discrimination while “Love/Hate” touches on domestic violence and violence towards women, things that exist in everyday life, but what man seems to ignore. Most bands can’t do with 20 songs what Dystopia did with 5, to me this is truly an intense record and I definitely recommend picking it up. Dystopia basically took various emotions and put them on record and along with original sounding music this record will be slaying listeners for times to come.

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