Monday, August 27, 2012

White Mice "Ganjaovadose" LP Review

White Mice “Ganjaovadose” LP

The abrasive harsh noise/grind band from Providence Rhode Island that graces the stage with bloody lab coats and mice masks released several releases before this but this one honestly stands out the most for me. The album opens up with the track
“Passthefist” with its rockabilly style drum, distorted bass, electronics, noise, samples and vocals that almost remind me of underground black metal (not the symphonic crap that everybody and their mother likes). The title track and the “Hard on of Edam” enter with a doom esque sound that still keeps things going crazy with drums, but take it down a notch with the bass and electronics,” The Shroud of Urine” goes back to their “Mouse of Mendes” days with more of electronic esque sound minus the drums ,bass and vocals, The “Crapture” is another intense track on this record as well and if you haven’t noticed the band uses a lot of slapstick titles to go along with their weird experimental music. This record, which is the last one they, did definitely show the bands progression and left a nice scar on their noisy legacy. Even though they went on tour with Skinny Puppy the White Mice are underrated in my opinion and don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve. This is definitely a weird band and not for everyone. Harsh noise and noise grind fans might appreciate this more.

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