Monday, August 27, 2012

July/Aug Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

Another issue has been posted up! We like to thank everyone for their patience.I decided to put the reviews first and the poems at the end. For the poem "As the Molded Clay Begins to Crumble" I originally had a different picture in mind to use,but this picture actually touched me when I looked at it, and it does give a good representation of what I was talking about in the poem itself.So the July/Aug issue is as follows:


"Nisroch/Crooked Look" Split Tape,White Mice "Ganjaovadose" LP ,Dystopia "Human=Garbage" E and Sabled Sun"2145" LP


The Blood Covered Snow and As the Molded Clay Begins to Crumble by Joe Soranaka

Two more issues to be completed before the end of the year.Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec more info coming soon...Enjoy

Joe and Ashley

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