Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oxbow "Narcotic Story" LP Review

Oxbow "Narcotic Story" LP

  What is there to say about California’s Oxbow? After seeing them at the Scion Rock fest for the first time I didn’t know what to think, was this perhaps the best or the worst thing that I’ve seen? I took a listen to their 2007 opus “Narcotic Story” and I was actually amazed at how good and strange of a record it is. To me the album seems to all intertwine together to create a tale of depression angst and sadness amidst a bizarre musical composition of contemporary jazz, noise rock, classical, avant garde and just plain weirdness. Eugene Robinson is definitely an eccentric frontman who pours his emotions into Oxbow’s music with his haunting personal lyrics, while Nikko Werner’s riffs matched with the rhythm section of Dan Werner(bass) and Greg Davis(drums)  round out this unusual masterpiece. I can definitely say these guys are original as far as composition goes, with songs like “Down a Stairway Backwards”, “Time Gentleman Time” and “The Geometry of Business” definitely break away from the typical musical composition that taints most contemporary mainstream music, Oxbow is far from that and even though they might not get as much recognition as they deserve I definitely respect these guys as musicians and artists.

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