Monday, August 27, 2012

"Nisroch/Crooked Look Split" Tape Review

Nisroch/ Crooked Look Split Tape

I recently checked out Nisroch and was quite impressed by the aggression and intensity of the band. I listened to the split tape they did with fellow Jacksonville band Crooked Look and for local bands this was actually a pretty good split tape. I favored Nisroch a bit more than Crooked Look but both bands do a good job as far as performance goes. Nisroch delivers three tracks of intense blackened grindcore while Crooked Look delivers two tracks of old school hardcore with some elements of punk. Nisroch opens up with the song “Cataract” which starts off with a doom esque intro which punches you in the face with abrasive grindcore. The guitar breaks, the drumming and the bass lines (especially the one on the song “Searing Limbs”) are dark and depressive which ends their side of the split with an apocalyptic undertone. I see Nisroch taking it to the next level if all goes well for them. Crooked Look delivers some pretty intense hardcore punk with angry but snotty punk vocals and solid drums with the guitar and bass fitting in nicely. I like the guitar solo on the song “By a Noose” while the break section on the same song with the guitar and drums fits in nicely. Who knows, there might be a hint of hope for Jacksonville!?

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