Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beyond Sensory Experience "Modern Day Diabolists" LP Review

Beyond Sensory Experience "Modern Day Diabolists" LP 

The duo of K. Meizter & Drakh have been a creative force in the dark ambient scene since the early 2000's, releasing records under the banner of Beyond Sensory Experience. “Modern Day Diabloists” is just their most recent effort in a long string of unconscious symphonies. The record begins with a voice droning in their native Swedish tongue backed by an ambiance that you could drift off into as you close your eyes. In general, the songs tend to emit a meditative vibe swimming with layers of sound, varied as the consistency of a dream. A feeling lucidly envisioned in tracks like “Between Sleeping & Waking”. The trailing guitars coupled with the appropriate sample “I had the craziest dream last night” I'd imagine were selected to express the creator's philosophy on the nature of existence in some sense. Reality is, at times, like walking through a dream, while dreams can feel just as real as when your “awake”. We as humans are between these worlds either one no less real or imaginary. In fact they're one in the same.The sole difference being they obey different laws of physics. The title track “Modern Day Diabolists” is also quite interesting. The sound scape makes me feel like I'm dissolving into the overwhelming aura their synths evoke, clarity only a glimpse created by each perfectly orchestrated glitch between this ritual madness.On tracks such as “Rapt From Earthly Things” & “The Testimony of Memory,”a more sombre & melancholic essence beautifully bleeds through the listeners ears, serenely captured by the darkness their piano pieces create. “Testimony”superbly embodies the at times stone nature of memory, a testament to our existence. The song borders between the lines of melancholy, drone, & a dreamlike ecstasy. Within this record, the listener should truly be able to “Locate Imaginary Objects in Real Places”. Just try to see music as more then sounds & find yourself submerged in a realm where the imagination is the catalyst & it's up to the individual to create a landscape in their respective mind. Be that surreal or mundane to those tuning in.

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