Sunday, October 21, 2012

Samhain "November Coming Fire" LP Review

Samhain “November Coming Fire” LP

  Glen Danzig has taken many shapes and forms in the various bands he’s been in. While most people adore the old school Misfits and his solo Danzig era, not everyone, but most seem to forget about his mid period band Samhain. Even though I like what Danzig did with the Misfits and earlier/ambient period Danzig recordings, the material he wrote and recorded with Samhain really grabs my attention opposed to his other projects. Samhain lacks the cheesy qualities the Misfits had and takes a darker turn lyrically and musically than the Misfits.” November Coming Fire’s” songs are laden with darker sounding guitars and bass, keyboards, tribal/ritualistic sounding drums and the trademark Danzig vocals that of course earned him the nick name Evil Elvis. The noisy effects in the background marked with the reverb vocals almost gives this more a dark rock feel than the hardcore punk sound that is apparent in the Misfits. The songs “Mother of Mercy”, “To Walk the Night”, “Birthright” and “Human Pony Girl” are my favorites on the album. I love the bands rendition of the old Misfits classic “Halloween” coined on this album as Halloween II it has a way darker vibe than the original song itself. So if you’re a fan of old Misfits or Danzig( especially Danzig) don’t dismiss Samhain.  Give them a listen, who knows you might appreciate them as much as I do. Most hardcore Danzig fans should already know that Samhain gave birth to the solo stuff and helped pave the way for Danzig to gain more attention as far as a musician and artist.

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