Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burial Chamber Trio "Self Titled"LP Review

Burial Chamber Trio "Self Titled" LP:

I’ve been getting into a lot more experimental drone/doom stuff, and this release has definitely been something that I can’t stop listening to. Burial Chamber Trio is basically a supergroup consisting of guitarists Greg Anderson (Sunn O))),GraveTemple and owner of Southern Lord Records) and Oren  Ambarchi ( Grave Temple) and renown Hungarian vocalist Attila Caesar (Mayhem, Aborym, Sunn O))), Tormenter) they create a drone/dark ambient soundscape that takes what Sunn O))) does but makes it even darker sounding. Attila’s vocals are what really catch my attention his tortured screeches, demonic growl and at some point ape like grunts (yes ape like grunts) definitely add to the darkness and horrific vibe you get when you listen to this. Side A features Ambarchi on guitar with Anderson on the bass, hence on side two Anderson goes back to guitar. The music on side A is definitely more on the dark doom/drone aspect while Side B is very psychedelic in nature at some points. The haunting vocals with the dark drone trance like guitars/bass complement each other and make for a great release. If someone would ask me if the band’s name fit the music I would definitely say yes, and if one wants a visual, I would say it’s the Cask of Amontillado meets Altered States, meets riding on the river Styx, this is a definite must in any drone fan’s collection.

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