Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adolf Plays The Jazz "Form Follows Function" LP Review

Adolf Plays The Jazz "Form Follows Function" LP

   Adolf Plays The Jazz of Athens, Greece is a bit of a mysterious band,considering the fact its members aren't listed. It is noted, however, the project has been a collaboration between different musicians which is quite a fascinating concept.They also are a completely non profit oriented band as all their records are downloadable on their website. However for those of you who are bewildered by the name or not familiar with the band their concepts have nothing to do with Nazism. Far from being fascist even musically this group is quite a diverse project.Their latest record from 2012 “Form Follows Function” is a prime example ofwhat they can create. The overall tone could best be described as jazzy post rock backed by an emotive ambiance & spacey cinematic loops. In tracks like “Wreck” the riff it's quite meditative & simplistic, drifting throughout the song while being beautifully backed by saxophones & mind bending sample loops. In tracks such as“Form Follows Function” or “Oddy” you can feel a more post rock type element incorporated with a jazzy edge to it. In general, their music seems to have an inherent simplicity, while also containing a layering of varied instruments (masterfully played)& sound effects to create a very serene picture in the listener's imagination. In songs like “Water Memory” you get that sense of nostalgia as you envision its melody carrying you away in currents of reflection. The grand opus on the record “Where is Our Home” is indeed an interesting track embodying the overall sound of the record in a twenty three minute span. The song flows with their perfectly synchronized jazz post rock style, while also taking you into
dimensions of space with its clean and distorted sample loops. It then diminishes gradually to a period of a silent drone, only to return from that interstellar void with a very calming & serene shoegaze esque melody flowing with electronic sound effects. Adolf Plays The Jazz's quite a creative outfit of our era & “Form Follows Function” is a record worth a listen for those open minded to experimental music.     

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