Sunday, October 21, 2012

L.A. Lungs "Cryptic Snuggling" LP Review

LA Lungs "Cryptic Snuggling" LP

    The L.A. Lungs “Cryptic Snuggling” is indeed a unique piece of art counter balancing an inner ambiance felt in realms of the bizarre & beautiful. The strange photograph of what appears to be a doll's outfit masking a child cuddling another puppet like figure cloaked in a ghosts sheet adorns the front cover. Which I'd say sums up the records surreal vibe superbly. In tracks like “Railcar Fracas” this contrast is put into perspective. It harmoniously begins with a soothing guitar melody, transitioning perfectly into a deranged strumming as though the strings fell out of tune eventually snapping under the assailant's pressure.The band seems to express a humorous yet serious approach to their concepts.I personally drew off the feeling of a more artistic philosophy in the sample chosen for the record's title track. My thoughts were that the voice spoke of an exploration of boundaries whether vast or small, how one should see the
extraordinary in the everyday, but for these means to be perceived we as individuals should be in a state of constant change. This to me was a deep commentary on how we as humans should view life as a process of expanding our bounds in every sense & viewing beauty within the mundane & the ecstatic. An essence appropriately backed by the sound of water draining into the void of the listeners internal universe. This Tacoma, Washington duo consisting of husband & wife Nathan & Lori are an original act worth checking out for those who like to
find themselves walking around the melting scenes of a carnival dreamt through
the universe's bending imagination.  

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