Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunn O))) and Boris "Altar" LP Review

Sunn O))) and Boris “Altar” LP

   I was already familiar with Sunn O))), but the Japanese experimental band Boris I wasn’t too familiar with. I ended up listening to Amplifier Worship and a few of their other songs and took an interest in them. On Altar both Sunn O)) and Boris create a drone/post rock soundscape that not only entertains but entices the listener. You become lost in a trance and for me this was a dream sequence  captured in an audio sense that painted lucid visuals with every note being struck. The album is complete improvised work from both bands, and from what I heard I think these guys did a great job, blending not just their own unique sounds but definitely coming together creating something different that resulted in a masterpiece. The drum fills by Boris drummer, Atsuo Mizuno definitely throw you off to the usual drone that both bands are known for. While the drone soaked guitars of Stephen O Mally, Wata, Takeshi Ohtani and Greg Anderson add the dark melody to this haunting composition. The haunting vocals on Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep) courtesy of Jesse Sykes as well as various guest appearances by Kim Thayi ( Soundgarden) on the final track Blood Swamp, Dylan Carlson, Steve Moore and Joe Preston of drone legends Earth and many others definitely add to this abstract composition created by both bands. In all reality to me this isn’t even about two bands this is one band composed of members of Sunn O))) and Boris putting their creative ideas together and overall creating a great drone album that I recommend in any drone fans collection. You won’t be disappointed.

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