Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sept/Oct Issue of Cryptic Inscriptions

This is a pretty intense and extensive issue. This is the first issue to feature reviews and poems by my brother  Masami Soranaka and myself.I divided up who did what in the issue down below.

Reviews by Joe:

Oxbow "Narcotic Story"LP, Burial Chamber Trio "Self Titled"LP, Samhain "November Coming Fire"LP, Saturnine "Self Titled" EP and Sunn O))) and Boris "Altar" LP

Reviews by Masami:

Adolf Plays the Jazz "Form Follows Function" LP, Atrium Carceri "Reliquiae" LP, Beyond Sensory Experience "Modern Day Diabolists" LP, Grouper "Dragging A Dead Deer Up a Hill" LP L.A.Lungs"Cryptic Snuggling"LP and Yawn "Open Season" LP

Poems by Joe:

A Simple Fuck You Would be Nice, Elegant Swan and Corroding Under Repetition

Poems by Masami:

Mellow Mirrors Melt, Shanty Slum Squalor( Were Never Returning to this Town) and Amorphous Idiom

A new issue is being discussed,until then enjoy this one as Hallows Eve approaches...

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