Sunday, December 16, 2012

OM "Variations on a Theme" LP Review

OM: “Variations on a Theme” LP

The three song debut LP of Oakland California's doom metal duo OM, definitely solidified the band’s position in the doom/stoner metal scene.  The one thing that really drew me to these guys was the fact that the band only relies on bass and drums.  While some might think that this would take away from the overall sound, it doesn’t. The solid drumming of Chris Hakius and the crushing bass lines and meditative soothing vocals of Al Cisneros (both members of respective Doom/Stoner outfit Sleep) together makes a good sounding album. The opening feedback and bass line on the title track sucks you in, and with each song, you become accustomed to the initial theme of the band that is both meditative and spiritual. For me, the album is both heavy and soothing, as well as aggressive and passive.  After playing through several songs, it seems refreshing and good to me each time I put it on. I would love to see this live.

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