Sunday, December 16, 2012

Memoryhouse "The Years" LP Review

Memoryhouse "The Years" LP 

Ontario, Canada's Memoryhouse are a fairly recent musical outlet having started about five or so years back. This creative outfit consists of the dual effort of artists Evan Abeele & Denise Nouvion. Originally this project was intended to be a collaboration between film, photography, & music. This entity eventually evolved into a different state, while still retaining the essence of these elements. On their first recording, “The Years,” one can't help but be enticed by the dream-like reveries captured by Nouvion's silken voice & Abeele's liquid rhythms. When you listen to tracks like “Lately” you can imagine yourself drifting with the tide as memories past flutter behind your closed eyelids. As for songs like “Sleep Patterns” or “To The Lighthouse,” the poetry of the lyrics create vivid pictures of emotion through nature, surreal imagery, & everyday occurrences. A somber sense of nostalgia is felt in each word as it's beautifully backed by the calm melodies that flow in their wake. So on a closing note, Memoryhouse's “The Years” will sooth listeners senses into a surreal pillow of clouds, as they gently float above a calm sea of dreams.

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