Sunday, December 16, 2012

Remains "Ruin Repeat" Demo Review

Remains “Ruin Repeat” Demo

Jacksonville Drone/Doom metal trio, Remains is a recent discovery for me. I stumbled upon their 2011 demo which features 4 songs of dark post-apocalyptic drone. The dark keyboard and pain anguished screams of Clay, together with the mix of Jack’s tight rhythmic drumming and Mike’s drone soaked guitars make this one project to check out. The droned rhythms are very trance and psychedelic in nature, and with the tortured screams and keyboards, it makes for a pretty unique sound.  I like how the band manages to keep the pace but somehow throw you off with weird guitar bends and tasteful drum fills.  For me, my favorite moments were the clean, melodic guitar line on “Apetra,” along with the keyboard solo and drum pickup in “Eschaton.”  What a great way to end off this little 4 song album!  I would definitely recommend this for fans of Earth, Sunn O))) and Barn Owl. From the ashes and remains, will a new beginning rise?...

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