Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sexual Atrocities "Planet of the Rapes" LP Review

Sexual Atrocities “Planet of the Rapes” LP

Most of you probably knew them as Screaming Afterbirth, but after various member changes and a name change, the band now goes by Sexual Atrocities. With a new lineup and record after a long hiatus of recording, they have finally come out with their long awaited full length “Planet of the Rapes”.  Around 2008 and 2009, the band released a promo demo, which I have to admit was pretty exciting.  After a long time of nothing new since the split with Methadone Abortion Clinic, this was their first full length in a while. The band’s sound has always been pretty sick; punch your mother in the face gore/porno grind. It’s a mix of goofy song titles and samples mixed with decimating drums and slut slicing guitar and bass riffs topped with disgusting gutturals and pitch shifted vocals. What’s there not to like if you’re a fan of this type of music like myself!! I really liked the grooves and the power of the riffs especially in tunes like “Raped in a Clown Car”, “Fuck Face Dog Face”, “Drug Crazed Retards” and  “Feed us Fetus Fajitas”. SA takes the obvious influences of European and Mexican goregrind and throws a hint of death metal in the mix to create punishing and powerful tunes that are to be reckoned with!!! Even though the record crushes the live performance, this is where it’s at!! Check em out fuckers!!!!

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