Sunday, June 23, 2013

Khanate "Clean Hands Go Foul" LP Review

Khanate “When Clean Hands Go Foul” LP

  I’ve been definitely treading into more experimental and doom based music as of late, and I would have to say that Khanate’s “Clean Hands Go Foul” is definitely one of the more dark and abstract albums I’ve checked out recently. The album is almost very free jazz based especially on the drums- courtesy of Tim Wyskida (Jodis).The guitars and bass on this record are more or less used to create abstract sounds than actual riffs with  Stephen O Malley(Sunn O)) ) creating delayed notes that ring out for ages mixed with James Plotkins'(Jodis) very heavily distorted bass lines and sporadic synth lines.  Together, along with the tortured crones of vocalist Alan Dubin(ex O.L.D. and GNAW) you can sense his emotions of discontent and anger for normal society.  For me, the album is very Abruptum-esque minus the black metal elements.  It’s very sporadic and improvised, but seems to mesh perfectly together. This to me is some of the darkest stuff I’ve heard, and even though it’s not as heavy as their previous work, it has definitely worked out for them when all was said and done.

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