Sunday, June 23, 2013

Painkiller "Guts of a Virgin" EP Review

PainKiller “Guts of a Virgin” EP

   I recently checked out this bizarre concoction of avant garde jazz and grind core known as Painkiller after discovering that this was the brainchild and project of saxophonist John Zorn(Naked City), drummer Mick Harris(ex Napalm Death/Scorn), and Bill Laswell(Massacre). In a nutshell, the album is basically a jazz session with hints of old school grind making its presence known on several of the albums tracks The material is basically improvisation based not to say that some of the material wasn't premeditated.. The vocals are very chaotic and spastic sounding which definitely mixes well with the chaotic musical structures. The drum break in the beginning of “Damage to the Mask” and the saxophone solo on “Dr.Phibes” are definitely stand out moments for me on this record, and to understand this band fully I would just check out the entire album. If anyone has doubts about grind core and jazz being good bedfellows, this record will definitely change your mind. 

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