Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Shot in the Dark?!

  A Shot In The Dark?!

  Seven Rotations....... Inspirations flashing by in the snap of a camera lens, wavering into this wandering wood before they're captured. It's that shadow of a playground writhing with spiders eccentric through the bite of age! Where memories timid lips were tightly sewn shut, those tasteless tears, Fickle as the salty aroma of bedside fantasies, A crooked “doctor”... but in these lucid imaginings there lie awakened avenues momentarily dormant in a pale cabin of moonlight. Coincidentally stumbled upon as an intriguing book calling out to you from a crowded library shelf, & the panic in her cries resonate through the deep space of this dead connection..... Oh how these retreats home hover over the waning light of a white hospital bed. As daybreak of dreams lie curled in a cocoon of confusions, silent as the isolated nature of the junk sick who solely vibrate loquaciously in those nauseating hours! & these questions of chance dangle before eager eyes. Persuaded by the flickering intrigue of a psychic compulsion to come clean, for these autumn leaves have begun to wither & rot like muses of poems penned in lifetimes before. Callous as the jealousy of affections! but maturities measure through matters of patience... & so the second act gently unfolds in a cascading wash of tie dye premonitions, & with your world packed up over your shoulder your imagination begins to shuffle about anxiously in circle of questions?! Curious as to if the intrigue of this wanderlust that strays could lead these aimless ankles to the warmth of a cozy night daydreaming beside friendly fireplaces. A withdrawal from the familiarity of the nine pentacles adorning childhoods nostalgic gardens. That gather with the waning shadows of momentary tribes bonded by a universal empathy, but these tendencies are elusive progressively evolving as the expansion of consciousness..... A shot in the dark?!                

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